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Dr. Michelle Thompson— Wanderlust Snowshoe, WV 06/09/2018

Dr. Michelle Thompson— Wanderlust Snowshoe, WV 06/09/2018

Be Well Therapies' programs are built on the foundational three pillars of Dr. Michelle Thompson's wellness mantra of positively influencing individual health and well being through "Diet/Nutrition, Exercise/Movement and Lifestyle Changes". Wellness Programs are available as individual keynotes, half day, full day and two(+) day intensive/retreats. Wellness Programs can be individually tailored to support the educational needs of the event, corporation, institution, organization etc.

Programs include hands-on experiential activities such as sound baths, yoga, tai chi, qigong, meditation, reiki, and breath work to aide in the integration of the educational  lecture material  into practical life applications (approximately 60% lecture / 40% experiential). There are also food-based programs that offer practical hands-on participation on the preparation plant-based cooking.  Our integrative wellness specialists deliver evidence-based support for mind-body and lifestyle modifications for daily use and application.

All programs have the potential to improve individual and group health, wellness and productivity. Individual sessions and consultations can be made upon request.


Dr. Michelle Thompson

Shop with a Doc
As a physician,  I am  very mindful of the power of food and its place in prevention, longevity and disease reversal.  It is hard to know where to start with healthy diet when faced with so many decisions at the grocery store.  I am excited to offer “Shop with a Doc” to help you navigate the many choices that you have while shopping.  Our goals are to help you read food labels, learn how to make healthier decisions, help provide healthier options for meals and snacks, and teach meal prep, cost saving tips, beverage choices, smoothie ideas, organic vs non-organic, pre and pro-biotics, healthy gastrointestinal microbiome, sodium intake, canned vs frozen vs fresh, revamping your pantry, and much more.

Meditate Not Medicate
Join Dr. Michelle Thompson and Maria & Calvin Wagner from The Center for Sound Therapy for a lecture and sound bath meditation. Dr. Thompson will discuss the medical benefits of implementing a natural approach to medical problems explaining some of the health benefits of meditation and sound therapy. Some of the benefits of meditation and sound therapy can help improve mood disorders, anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADHD, cancer, insomnia, dementia, migraines, IBS, hypertension, heart disease, inflammatory conditions, fibromyalgia and chronic pain disorders.
(Dr. Michelle Thompson, DO and Maria & Calvin Wagner)

Aging with Balance and Grace
Aging with Balance and Grace: Introduction to Tai Chi, Qigong, and Yoga and how it can help with medical problems like depression, anxiety, hypertension, osteoporosis, cancer, and heart disease, Learn about the foundations of the ancient practices of tai chi and qigong and participate in using flowing, fluid, slow-motion movements as a form of moving meditation. Experience how this life energy work can help with relaxation and improve strength and balance, all essential factors to aging with grace.

Dinner with a Doc
Join us for an interactive experience where you will participate in the preparation of healthy foods and learn how you can use food as your medicine. Food is the ultimate pharmacology and has been extensively researched and supported by the highest quality evidence in the emerging field of culinary medicine and nutrigenomics. You will have the opportunity to sample many foods and see for yourself how nutritious foods can actually taste amazing.  Michelle Thompson, DO and Holly Liguore, RPh will educate you and answer questions about adopting this lifestyle so you can take charge of your health one bite at a time. Several dieticians will also be available to answer your questions.  Come prepared for a fun-filled night of learning to reverse disease-with your fork as your primary tool!

Eating to Reverse Disease-Food is Medicine
You may know that eating healthy can help you feel better and maintain a healthy weight. Did you know that good nutrition can also improve many chronic conditions such as heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure and many others? Learn how the food you eat can either be the most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison. You have a choice in your health and when you provide your body with the right fuel, it can heal itself. Educate yourself on how mindful eating practices can help you recognize what your body needs.

Healing the Healer
Healing the Healer while they Heal others. It is most important for physicians and care givers to take care of themselves before they take care of others. Quality of care and success increases when the health care leader have all of the available tools on board and uses them in their own lives. Balance in life is important and often difficult to achieve. This program is an informative lecture on implementation of tips to help physicians and caregivers live a happier and healthier life enabling them to potentially provide a higher quality of care to their patients.

Teaching Kitchen

The teaching kitchen is a program that incorporates how to shop, prepare, and cook foods that align with a whole food plant-based diet. This program is ideally conducted over four sessions but can be condensed to one two-hour evening. Topics include: Food as Medicine, Prepping for Success, Plant-based Cooking, and a Plant-based Community for Sustainability. These classes nurture a creative environment where active learning in encouraged through use of video, lecture, and a hands-on approach for prepping and cooking snacks, side dishes and meals. We will focus on building the foundation of a healthier mind, body, and spirit through the transformational power of plant-based food.


Dr. Melissa Kerr, PT, DPT


The Science Behind Mind-Body Interventions
(focus on the effects of stress)

This workshop will detail the evidence-based support for how the body responds to stress icluding the impact on health and then examine the supportive science for various mind-body interventions. Approximately 45-90 minutes will include participation in mind-body skills and techniques that follow the educational portion. The experiential component can be customized and may include breath work, various types of meditation, biofeedback, autogenics, and mindful-movement (tai chi, qigong, yoga).

Mind-Body Living:
Incorporating mind-body practices into personal and professional life

This workshop will provide evidence-based research supporting the focus on self-care and the importance of applying to daily life, whether in the home or workplace, for optimal health. The educational format will incorporate body adaptations to low-level, chronic stress and how that impacts long-term health. A 45-120 minute experiential portion of this workshop will include breath work, meditation, and mindful movement (yoga, tai chi, qigong). Yoga can be adapted to “office yoga” pending customization of workshop.

Mindfulness & Mindful Meditation
This workshop will discuss the most current scientific evidence supporting mindfulness and meditation. One hour will be devoted to practice and application of this lifestyle and include meditation types, mindful eating, mindful walking, and mindful movement.

Aging with Balance and Grace:
Understanding the healthy aging process and
how the use of mind-body practices improves the aging process.

This workshop will target the evidence-based findings of tai chi and qigong and how qigong promotes longevity. At least 45-mintues will be devoted to qigong practice.

Rebuild, Recharge, Renew:
The benefits and applications of tai chi & qigong

This  workshop will explain the difference between tai chi and qigong and provide scientific evidence to support use in restoring a balanced state to the body. At least 45-minutes will be devoted to practice of at least two styles of tai chi and one style qigong.

Nutritional Wellness:
A Friendly Approach to a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet

This workshop will provide a background for the scientific evidence supporting a more whole food plant-based diet. Topics will include practical approaches to transitioning ones eating habits and promoting a more holistic lifestyle with the combined use of yoga. At least 45-mintues will be devoted to a yoga practice.

Teaching Kitchen

The teaching kitchen is a program that incorporates how to shop, prepare, and cook foods that align with a whole food plant-based diet. This program is ideally conducted over four sessions but can be condensed to one two-hour evening. Topics include: Food as Medicine, Prepping for Success, Plant-based Cooking, and a Plant-based Community for Sustainability. These classes nurture a creative environment where active learning in encouraged through use of video, lecture, and a hands-on approach for prepping and cooking snacks, side dishes and meals. We will focus on building the foundation of a healthier mind, body, and spirit through the transformational power of plant-based food.

Chronic Pain & Contemplative Movement

This program discusses the science behind the brain changes that occur with persistent pain and explores how our emotions, beliefs, and attitudes matter, resulting in an integrative approach to re-wiring the nervous system to improve quality of life and function. This is a mix of educational and experiential activities that include various aspects of contemplative movement. Mind-body therapies, yoga, and qigong are specifically explored. 

Therapeutic Yoga Applications

This workshop provides education and experiential instruction for yoga participation and is particularly effective for those recovering from or living with injury or illness. Different from other styles as yin or restorative, this is a hybrid class with fusion of physical therapy knowledge in pathology with the holistic benefits of the ancient practice of yoga. This class is designed in a workshop-style that allows instruction, education, and interaction with the instructor. This class can target specific diagnosis upon request (i.e. back pain, shoulder pain, arthritis) and will emphasize proper alignment in addition to modifications or variations for each pose.




Center for Sound Therapy & Sonic Power Yoga, LLC

Maria & Calvin Wagner

Sound Bath Experience
This is a deep meditative experience that allows participants to completely let go and receive a re-alignment to their entire energetic body using powerful sound vibration. The quartz crystal singing bowls, pyramids, gongs, drums and other instruments produce a matrix of healing energies that are used to induce relaxation, expansion, clearing, and healing on every level of your being. These sacred sounds can also open up a path of spiritual awakening and ultimately re-connect you with your divine essence. The various frequencies work from the "inside" out like sonic massage and will help to relieve all from forms of physical, mental and emotional stress. The vibrations produce a deep states of relaxation as they balance the brain hemispheres, release stress & muscle tension, stimulate the flow of your vital energy and accelerate our healing and recovery.  *This workshop will include a brief overview of sound therapy and how it relates to healing and meditation. - 75 minutes

Chakra Balancing Experience
Chakras are centers of spiritual power and light energy that exist in our energy field. The health of the chakra system is governed by our experiences, our ability to handle stress & anxiety and by what beliefs and thoughts we have about ourselves and about life in general. During this powerful meditative experience we will journey through the chakra system to align to higher frequency energies that will purify and release stored negative or blocked energy from the body and auric field. This workshop will help you bring awareness to what is going on within each chakra so you can work through the issues that maybe lying within.The crystal singing bowls will help to massage the entire aura back into balance and harmony.*We will tune into the chakra system using the voice, visualization and sound vibration. - 75 minute

Sonic Yoga
This is a very unique and therapeutic chakra balancing yoga session where we combine vibrational sound therapy with breath, posture movement and mantra to restore balance and harmony to the body, mind and spirit. We use the powerful force of crystal singing bowls to stir the senses and help participants move beyond the physical practice so they can discover the deeper whispers of the soul. This is a rich experience that will raise the awareness and leave everyone feeling purified and cleansed. *The yoga session can be modified to support all styles of yoga. - 75 minute

Sonic Reiki Sound Healing Meditation 90 minutes
In this unique session, we combine the traditional method of laying on of hands Reiki healing with the elements of vibrational sound therapy. While the Reiki works to treat you at the energy level of the body, the gongs and crystal singing bowls create a powerful vortex of vibration that will work to break apart all the stuck energy that is stored deep within your tissues. This is truly a profound session that will alter your state of mind and leave you deeply cleansed. This session might even propel you into another world! 

Toning Out to Tune In Meditation
Toning is an ancient healing method that uses the vibratory power of the voice to bring balance and harmony back to the mind, body and spirit. Vocal Toning is using your voice to express specific sounds, syllables or mantras that help to release, clear, and balance the dis-harmonious frequencies. The sounds and vibrations that you create will travel through your entire body and help you to let go of negative feelings like anger, fear, worry, resentment, anxiety and hate. Toning can also help you find relief from pain and move stuck inflammatory energy from sensitive areas of the body. Toning helps to deepen the breath, allowing the lungs to fully open, which expands your auric field and improves energy flow through the body. You will feel massaged from the inside out. We use the healing and supportive vibratory tones of our massive crystal singing bowls to support and surround everyone, giving  confidence to find their voice. - 60 minute