Center for Sound Therapy & Sonic Power Yoga


Maria Lallo-Wagner -

Sound Therapist, Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner, Owner-Founder of Center for Sound Therapy & Sonic Power Yoga, LLC. 



Calvin Wagner -

Master Sound Alchemist, Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master Healer.

Maria and Calvin began their journey with sound in 2013 after they were introduced to it’s healing potential following an experience that left them in awe. This life-changing experience motivated them to pursue deeper study into sound therapy and they became certified in 2014.   

Since then, Maria and Calvin have transformed their lives and dedicated themselves to helping people heal using their unique style of sound resonance therapy. Through their therapy sessions, workshops, presentations, and retreats they have helped many people bring balance and harmony back to their mind, body and spirit and re-connect with their true divine essence. 

Maria and Calvin have performed at a number of yoga studios and wellness centers and have become well known for their work. They also collaborate with local physicians and medical institutions to provide wellness programs to the community.

Maria and Calvin recently opened the Youngstown areas first sound therapy center dedicated to focusing on the person as a whole, taking steps to create a meditative environment and apply the healing science of sound therapy to reharmonize the emotional body and clear energetic stagnation from our whole being to promote total health & wholeness.

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