Dr. Melissa Kerr, PT, DPT


Movement Specialist


After graduating from The Medical College of Ohio in 1996, Melissa worked as a physical therapist in a variety of traditional health care settings. She specialized in cardiopulmonary interventions for six years while also working as adjunct faculty for Youngstown State University’s Department of Physical Therapy program teaching cardiopulmonary content. After transitioning from teaching, she began to develop her personal yoga practice, which ultimately inspired her to complete a yoga teacher-training program and return to the world of academia.

Melissa graduated with her doctorate in 2017 from A. T. Still University in Mesa, Arizona with a focus on the evidence-based findings of yoga. In October 2018, Melissa completed the Professional Training Program in Mind-Body Medicine through The Center for Mind-Body Medicine. She is additionally trained in acupressure, certified in dry needling and Graston Technique, and has completed a variety of manual therapy trainings over her years of practice. Her focus in rehabilitation emphasizes a biopsychosocial model that integrates the awareness of the emotional, psychological, and spiritual factors that impact our physical function and health. Her goal is to help people discover a greater balance in health through the combined use of contemporary therapeutic techniques and mind-body therapies.a

Melissa is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT) through Yoga Alliance and a Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider. She earned certification in Levels I and II Tai Chi for Balance through the Ohio State University, and is actively enrolled in The Art of Longevity program under the direction of Sifu Shane Lear. She is also a student of the Dayan Arts Wild Goose Tai Chi and Qigong methods.

Melissa works as an integrative physical therapist in a satellite clinic, Eschman Physical Therapy, inside of Om yoga studio where she also teaches a variety of yoga, tai chi, and qigong classes to the community. She offers private physical therapy, yoga and tai chi/qigong sessions upon request. She works with Be Well Therapies in a variety of roles for educational purposes and regularly participates in a variety of community events, corporate programs, and workshops with various healthcare professionals and academic institutions that share the vision of improving health and empowering wellness.

Dr. Melissa Kerr, PT, DPT

All workshops provided by Dr. Kerr are customizable in duration and content. Programs can be educational (utilizing the most current evidence-based literature to support mind-body interventions), experiential (active participation in mindful-movement or meditation), or a combination of both (preferred). Mindful movement can include tai chi, qigong, and various styles and practices of yoga which includes the physical practice, breathwork and meditation.

Dr. Kerr’s has expertise in Eastern and Western approaches to mind-body interventions and thrives on delivering complicated information in an easily understandable manner. All workshop can be customized for a corporate setting.

The Science Behind Mind-Body Interventions
(focus on the effects of stress)

This 2-3 hour workshop will detail the evidence-based support for how the body responds to stress icluding the impact on health, and then the supportive science for various mind-body interventions are examined. Approximately 45-90 minutes will include participation in mind-body skills and techniques that will follow the educational portion. The experiential component can be customized and may include breath work, various types of meditation, biofeedback, autogenics, and mindful-movement (tai chi, qigong, yoga).

Mind-Body Living:
Incorporating mind-body practices into personal and professional life

This 2-3 hour workshop will provide evidence-based research supporting the focus on self-care and the importance of applying to daily life, whether in the home or workplace, for optimal health. The educational format will incorporate body adaptations to low-level, chronic stress and how that impacts long-term health. A 45-120 minute experiential portion of this workshop will include breath work, meditation, and mindful movement (yoga, tai chi, qigong). Yoga can be adapted to “office yoga” pending customization of workshop.

Mindfulness & Mindful Meditation
This 2-hour workshop will discuss the most current scientific evidence supporting mindfulness and meditation. One hour will be devoted to practice and application of this lifestyle and include meditation types, mindful eating, mindful walking, and mindful movement.

Aging with Balance and Grace:
Understanding the healthy aging process and
how the use of mind-body practices improves the aging process.

This 2-hour workshop will target the evidence-based findings of tai chi and qigong and how qigong promotes longevity. At least 45-mintues will be devoted to qigong practice.

Rebuild, Recharge, Renew:
The benefits and applications of tai chi qigong

This 2-hour workshop will explain the difference between tai chi and qigong and provide scientific evidence to support use in restoring a balanced state to the body. At least 45-minutes will be devoted to practice of at least two styles of tai chi and one style qigong.

Nutritional Wellness:
A Friendly Approach to a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet

This 2-3 hour workshop will provide a background for the scientific evidence supporting a more whole food plant-based diet. Topics will include practical approaches to transitioning ones eating habits and promoting a more holistic lifestyle with the combined use of yoga. At least 45-mintues will be devoted to a yoga practice.

Teaching Kitchen

The teaching kitchen is a program that incorporates how to shop, prepare, and cook foods that align with a whole food plant-based diet. This program is ideally conducted over four sessions but can be condensed to one two-hour evening. Topics include: Food as Medicine, Prepping for Success, Plant-based Cooking, and a Plant-based Community for Sustainability. These classes nurture a creative environment where active learning in encouraged through use of video, lecture, and a hands-on approach for prepping and cooking snacks, side dishes and meals. We will focus on building the foundation of a healthier mind, body, and spirit through the transformational power of plant-based food.