Be Well Therapies

Be Well Therapies is an integrative holistic health cooperative that is the brain child of Michelle Thompson-Olson, DO, and Melissa Kerr, PT, DPT. After years of practicing yoga with mutual friends, Michelle and Melissa were introduced formally and had an instant connection. Upon further meetings, the two realized they shared a desire to make yoga a part of their healthcare practice on a regular basis.  Dr. Thompson's passion for healthy living was already integrated into her practice, but with patience and nurturing, a team of like-minded professionals emerged. This team of health care practitioners (physicians, physical therapists, dieticians) and mind-body therapists  (including sound, yoga, tai chi, qigong, hypnosis) evolved with mutual respect for each other's expertise. After working together on community projects, Michelle and Melissa realized the ultimate goal was to help people be well, and Be Well Therapies became a reality. 

Michelle, Melissa, and the entire Be Well Therapies team actively participate in the lifestyle changes they recommend. Supporting a plant-based diet and regularly engaging in yoga, meditation, and other mind-body therapies, each member understands the challenges to change and the benefits to surrender with wellness care. Be Well Therapies emphasizes high-quality research to support their recommendations.